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Silesian-Lusatian Collection - former Silesia-Lusatian Cabinet - Collections

Size of collections

Books: over 59.000 vol.

Periodicals: over 69.000 vol.

Wratislaviana: 9.401 vol.

Ephemera: over 100.000 units

Microfilms: over 29.500 rolls

CD-ROMs and DVDs: over 350 discs and more than 10 other electronic documents


Full information about all Silesia-Lusatian Collections' materials is available in the Internet through the facility of combined search of WUL’s electronic catalog and selected digitized catalogs (e.g. card catalog of books, periodicals and subject catalog of former Silesia - Lusatian Cabinet as well as printed catalogs of Wratislaviana).

Electronic catalog

Online catalog of Wroclaw University Library in VIRTUA system (OPAC) [Enter] [More information]

Digitized catalogs

Digitized catalogs contain descriptions of library’s materials from Silesia – Lusatian's Collection (excluding social life documents) as of the end of 2000.

:: Alphabetical catalog of books [Enter] [More information]

:: Alphabetical catalog of periodicals [Enter] [More information]

:: Subject catalog [Enter] [More information]

:: Wratislaviana’s catalog [Enter] [More information]

Online ordering based on digitized catalogs

DFor readers being authorized to order library materials to the WUL’s reading rooms the online ordering of collections to the Library reading rooms is available.
Above the scanned picture of every catalog card there is a button „Zamówienie” (Request) that allows online ordering of materials. Reference cards (with the phrase „zob.” = "see") must not be basis for online ordering.

Orders from Silesian-Lusatian Cabinet’ Collection’s catalogs are fulfilled in the Silesian Collection Reading Room, on F. Joliot-Curie 12 St.

Traditional catalogs

:: Alphabetical catalog of books

:: Alphabetical catalog of periodicals

:: Subject catalog

:: Alphabetical catalog of books and serials microfilms

Traditional catalogs (of books, periodicals and subject catalog) are available locally in building on F. Joliot-Curie 12 St. They were closed in June 2006.
Alphabetical catalog of microfilms of books and serials is available locally in building on F. Joliot-Curie 12 St.

Printed catalogs

:: Katalog der Druckschriften über die Stadt Breslau, Hrsg. von der Verwaltung der Stadtbibliotek ;[Bearb.: Heinr. Wendt], Breslau 1903

:: Katalog der Druckschriften über die Stadt Breslau : I. Nachtrag umfassend die Zugänge von 1903 bis 1913. Hrsg. von der Verwaltung der Stadtbibliotek ;[Bearb.: Heinr. Wendt] Breslau, 1915. Egzemplarz interfoliowany z odręcznymi uzupełnieniami do końca działalności Biblioteki Miejskiej

:: Z. Gostomska -Zarzycka, Materiały do katalogu druków języka łużyckiego. Wrocław 1950.

:: J.Ignatowicz, Katalog czasopism śląskich, T.1-2, Wrocław 1960.

:: W. Reychmanowa, Śląski indeks ikonograficzny. Cz.1-3, Wrocław 1962.

The photographic catalog of the old prints from Silesian-Lusatian Cabinet’ Collection (5.862 publications) is available in the Old Prints Department.