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Wroclaw University Library pays special attention to diverse and utmost quality of provided services. Traditional library services, related to collections circulation, were modernized with electronic techniques to support lending procedures (1998) and ordering to reading rooms (from September 2003). Information services, besides traditional ones (information and bibliographic advisory, thematically searches etc.) and direct form of providing them (catalog information, methodical advisory etc.) also includes electronic means of providing information based on electronic sources and computer techniques (data bases and OPAC). This kind of development in new information techniques allows to wide and modernize Library’s information workshop, in which crucial role plays carefully created by librarians Library's web page, rich in full-text and information services. It is multifunctional information portal of module structure, created to provide fulfillment for various information needs of readers, to be reported via broad networks.

Rich library collections, and especially special collections, force great need of services concerning their protecting (microfilming, digitization) and conservation.

Important parts of services are didactical and training activities as well popularizing ones. Especially important for proper quality of services to readers, become trainings of librarians as well as constant training of users (group and individual ones).

WUL’s mission in the field of culture popularization is realized by presentation of Library and its rich collections (locally and via web page), hosting tours and guests, participation in exhibitions and conferences as well as organizing special exhibitions itself.