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Conservation of collections

General collections

Conservation of newer prints, books, periodicals and newspapers is conducted in New Collections’ Conservation Workshop.

Preparation of library materials for binding process includes: choosing type of binding, proper for value of materials, verifying completion of object, preparation of instructions concerning embossed lettering and numbers on the front page and back of object.

Bound prints don't change their original outlook and are under proper protection. Soft binding is replaced with tough one that allows avoiding damages during storage and circulation and greatly extend live of every book, periodic or newspaper.

For newer prints linen or half-linen binding is used (main colors are: grey, black, blue, red or green – in dependence on the type of book). Leather-bounds for books (half-leather or full leather), among with gilding are used for especially valuable and bibliophilic objects. Second binding, created in re-binding process, is used mainly for prints published in 19th and first half of 20th centuries. Re-binding is laborious and expensive – original binding is taken away, after that book is re-sawn and bound with the same binding again.

New Collections’ Conservation Workshop also creates all kinds of binding gallantry: tubes, boxes, small boxes for rare objects, cases for CD-ROMs and catalog boxes, case, briefcases and holders.

Special collections

Special Collections’ Conservation Workshop (SCCW) of Wroclaw University Library bases its activities on experience of National Library in Warsaw (usage of materials and techniques), analysis of special collections of Wroclaw University Library as well as technical and personnel potentiality.

Special attention is paid for: maintenance of photographical documentation of conservation duties, non-invasive cleaning and disinfection of objects, selection of proper end esthetic method of protection with non-acid materials and proper conditions for storage of materials after conservation.

SCCW goal is to preserve possibly unchanged features of special collections. This is reflected in: leaving old elements of binding (paper veneer, linen, leather, parchment, ferrules, straps), original endpapers pile headbands as well as laborious conservation of block (protection of original sawing quires).

Objects in bad condition undergo permanent conservation, that consists of disbanding of codex for particular quires or with wall maps – changing of base. Merging block and connecting it to the original, or stylized, binding, always imitates past centuries methods.

Crucial role in SCCW endeavors is played by equipment frequently used in many binding workshops – stretcher frame essential to duplication technique, moist chamber that allows proper preparation of parchment for stretching or lighted table that fasten creation of fulfilling fragments for missing ones.

Besides traditional conservatory activities, Conservation Workshop’s team also manufactures various other protections (fascicules, briefcases, boxes and holders) for typical and untypical objects (e.g. bindings or formats). Duties of SCCW also include protection of scientific reference collections of all departments. This activity consists of both bindery and conservation.