Reprographic and digital services

at the Wroclaw University Library


Photocopying Library materials is subject to copyright law.


1. Photocopying service (Nos. 1, 2 in price list)

No xerographic copies are made from materials published before 1945.

Only standard A4 or A3 black and white copies are made. Rush orders are taken only till 2.15 p.m.

2. Scanning from original materials (Nos. 3, 4, 5 in price list)

It’s aim is to create color graphic files.
Following materials are scanable:

  • books
  • graphics
  • photographs
  • posters
  • copperplate engravings

All copies are made in 1:1 ratio.
The maximum size of the original material is A2 (i.e. 420 x 594 mm) and its thickness up to 10 cm (e.g. books).

Scanned images will be made in the form of color graphic file in 150 DPI, 300 DPI or 600 DPI resolution for presentation, printing or publishing purposes.

3. Scanning from microforms (Nos. 6, 7, 8 in price list)

It’s aim is to create black and white graphic file from various types of microforms.
Following microforms are scanable:

  • negative microfilms
  • positive microfilms
  • diazo microfilms
  • negative microfiches
  • positive microfiches
  • diazo microfiches

Scans are made only from existing microforms.
Only whole frames can be scanned.
In case of newspapers (only No. 4/a in price list) scans could be made from individual pages of newspaper.
When describing older microfilms (that don’t have frames numeration) it is necessary to give characteristic features of content (pages numbers, numbers of periodicals or dates of publications).

Microfilms with numeration of frames should be described accordingly to the scheme:

222 425  










222 425 whole
222 425 left
222 425 right

Please note that we will not make orders which are filled up incorrectly.

In case of microfilms without numbering of frames please provide page number, date and issue number of the material.

4. Digitization on demand (No. 9 in price list)

This service cannot be performed from single pages nor parts of an item. If ordered materials are within a introligatory block, then whole block is digitized. Created files remains the property of Library and will be placed in the Digital Library of Wroclaw University and user receives copy that can be only used for private, non-commercial purposes and cannot be disseminate further in any way..

5. Files requiring additional processing (No. 14 in price list)

An additional processing of digital images is made on customer’s request (e.g. separate scans to be joined into one complete image).

6. Files copying (No. 12 in price list)

Reprographic and Digitization Unit copies on CD-ROM files made during scanning from originals or microforms that were previously created and are stored in Reprographic Unit.
"Package” service covers copying and storing on CD up to 20 files.

7. Digital files taken with a camera (No 11 in price list)

  • Pictures taken with User's own camera

    • every-time permission from manager of Department or other authorized person is needed, pictures can be taken only in the presence of librarian.

    • this service could be denied if materials are in a bad condition

    • Taking pictures takes place in reading room, with the camera without flashlight, only in the presence of librarian.
      The service is not available for manuscripts and old prints.

    • Low quality, black and white file taken with a camera; reading quality; size of the original material up to A3 (No. 8a in price list)
      Only materials of the size up to A3 are photographed. Digital files are suitable for reading. Recording on CD-ROM is not included in the service price.

      The service is not available for manuscripts and old prints

    • High quality files taken with camera; recording to CD-ROM included in service price (No. 8b in price list)
      Only original materials of the size not exceeding A2 are photographed. Recording on CD is included in the service price. In most cases, this service applies to materials too large to be placed on scanning device.

    8. Printouts

    This service provides users with black and white or colour printouts from existing or previously made files. In case of not existing copy of the material to be printed there is an additional charge for scanning from the original.

    Printouts may be obtained in one of the following formats:

    • black and white, A4 or A3 formats
    • color, A4 format

    9. Microforms

    There are:

    • 35 mm negative silver microfilms
      These microfilms are made from old prints or manuscripts, the minimum number of frames is 10.

    10. Photo stories

    This service offers taking photos outside the Reprographic Unit , e.g. university occasions, buildings etc. One photo story is a set of minimum 10 themes; a theme is one digital JPG file copied to CD-ROM.

    11. Archival storage on CD or DVD (No. 13 in price list)

    The service offers recording on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM scanned images or copied files.