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Buwrcrossing is an action that promotes reading. If you would like to get involved into the project, all you need is to come to the Library and choose a book which interests you or bring your own book and pass it along for another reader. Yet, before you hand your over book, make sure that it has no private stuff, such as letters, documents, money, or photos inside. The book which you bring should not be damaged, for instance with no covers or loss of pages. This action is addressed to everyone: WUL users and employees, those who come into WUL by chance, heard about the action from social media or by word of mouth, but also to all those who visit other institutions, companies or places used by the residents of Wroclaw. Buwrcrossing allows to share the titles with fellow readers, exchange opinions, build literary bridges, and give books new life.

Bookshelves are located by the Information Point and near the stairs (Level 0), and close to the Local Lending (Level 1). Each bookshelf is marked with a poster, and you won’t fail to notice it.

Rules of buwrcrossing:
  • To join it, just simply search the shelves located in the buwrcrossing area and select the title which you find interesting.
  • Books can be used in the buwrcrossing zone on site, but you can also take some of them with you.
  • If you read on site, please remember to put the book back on the buwrcrossing shelf when you finish reading.
  • #Release a book: you can also bring your own book, but please make sure that the book is in a good condition (with no missing pages and/or cover) and that it has no private stuff such as letters, documents, money, or photos left in it.
  • Books with buwrcrossing logo or other WUL seals: “wycofano ze zbiorów BUWr” or “nie przyjęto do zbiorów BUWr”) are not for sale and should not be released for this purpose.