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Didactical and training activities

As part of didactical and training activities, Wroclaw University Library performs program of permanent users training (individual and group). Moreover, Library is also conducting practices for students of librarianship studies as well as special trainings for librarians. All of them are conducted accordingly to training schedules, that include both basic trainingand special practices. To ensure highest quality of trainings, so called Frame practice schedules were created, that, in dependence of: type of training (or practice), level of preparation and abilities of trained person - allows not only to learn basic knowledge, but also widen it accordingly to individual interest of intern.

Librarians from Scientific Information Department receive requests for conducting optional lessons for persons undertaking secondary school certificate, and, with employees of special collections' departments, also present Library and its collections for organized tours as well as for guests of University.
Basing on its own collections, Library is also organizing special exhibitions.

Training for individual users

Individual advisory and consulting on usage of electronic catalog of Library as well as databases available from University network are conducted personally, telephonically or via e-mail.

For information about consultations and training, please, contact Scientific Information Department
Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St., level 1
phone: +48 71 375 75 98

Training for group users

For group users:

  • students

  • postgraduates

  • employees of University

are prepared demonstrations about efficient and effective usage of electronic catalog, databases available locally and via internet as well as electronic periodicals.

Trainings on usage of databases and electronic periodicals are conducted during the whole year according to the agreements concerning terms to be done in advance in Scientific Information Department or in selected departmental library.

Bibliographical lessons (printed and electronic sources) for master and postgraduates are conducted during whole year after earlier appointment of term of lesson.

Requests for appointments should be directed to Scientific Information Department:
Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St., level 1
phone: +48 71 375 75 98

Practices for students of librarianship

Practices for students of librarianship and scientific information of universities and pedagogic schools of higher education are conducted accordingly to frame training schedules created by home institutions of interns.
Organization of practices is conducted by Scientific Information Department.

Lessons for takers of secondary school certificate

Optional lessons for takers of secondary school certificate are conducted by employees of Scientific Information Department after earlier appointment.

Practices and specialist training for librarians

Improving practices and specialist trainings for librarians of Wroclaw University Library and other scientific libraries are conducted accordingly to Frame training schedule approved by Director of Library.

Training schedules

Tours in Library

Organized tour groups and guests of University are hosted in Library after previously appointment.
Groups interested in viewing Library should register by Director of Library or directly in the Scientific Information Department:
Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St., level 1
phone: +48 71 375 75 98

Persons interested in viewing special collection's departments should contact Director of Library, in form of letter only.
Attention In special collections' departments Library is not hosting school tours.

Library exhibitions

Using its rich collections, Library organizes occasional thematic exhibitions – in the new building on Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St.