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Information services

General information

Information services with reference to general collections are mostly provided by Scientific Information Department and, in smaller part, also by Circulation Departments and Reprographic and Digitization Unit, and information services concerning the special collections – by proper special collection's departments in the new building of the Library on the Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St.

Information services include catalog information and scientific information (advisory in fields of: information, bibliography and methodic, thematic searches and queries as well as making copies of library's materials). Realization of queries concerning both general and special collections deserve special attention. Library also provides many additional services connected with completed queries that concern making copies of library materials and so called additional services. Some of them, depending on their character, are payable according to current current price lists of WUL (Price list for information services, Price list of additional services, Reprographic and digital services price list).

Catalog information

Catalog information is provided by library staff both personally (in direct contact), by telephone and via e-mail:

  • about general collections
    by all librarians during duty in Information Point
    Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St., level 0, main entrance
    phone +48 71 375 76 24

  • about collections of departmental libraries
    by all librarians during duty in Informatory
    Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St., level 1
    phone +48 71 375 75 98

  • about special collections
    by employees of special collections' departments

Catalog information via e-mail:

Help with usage of catalogs is also provided by librarians from reading rooms.

Comments about electronic catalog should be sent via e-mail:

Scientific information

Services in the field of scientific information include:

  • information and bibliographic advisory that is based on catalogs of Library's own collections, reference collection of Reading Room of Scientific Information Department and databases

  • providing factual information that is based on available information publications

  • localizing hard to find materials in domestic and foreign libraries

  • methodical advisory on usage of sources, determination of search strategies during information retrieval in databases as well as determination of information directing to source documents and electronic information portals

  • completion of queries

  • completion of orders for xerocopies of materials from Wroclaw University Library's collections and departmental libraries (for users from outside of Wroclaw)

  • access to reference collection of Reading Room of Scientific Information Department as well as to electronic databases

Attention Library does not create bibliographies for students and pupils


Queries about general collections as well as about special collections from: Silesia-Lusatian Cabinet, Manuscripts Department, Graphic Collection Department, Maps Department and Music Collection Department should be sent to:

Wroclaw University Library
Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St.
50-383 Wroclaw

Rules applied to queries

In a case of especially time-consuming and laborious query, librarians must notify user about estimate time of completion of query.

In a case of especially time-consuming and laborious query (e.g. genealogical query), there could be charge included for working time of librarian accordingly to current price list of additional services provided by WUL – about this charge user will be notified in advance.

Making copies of materials from special collections, for users desire, is charged accordingly to current Reprographic and digital services price list.

Library reserves the right to refuse realization of especially laborious queries or ones, that require complicated searches outside information sources.

Along with refusal realization of query an information is given that directs user to the printed or electronic sources or to institution or persons, that could be in possession of desired information.