About Library - The mission

Wroclaw University Library is an all-University institution whose mission is to serve teaching and research needs of the University community as well as to promote science and culture amongst the general public.

Major efforts will be made to keep the Library at the highest professional level to support University of Wrocław research and educational processes and meet the needs of all other users.

This mission is implemented through:

  • organizing research and teaching resources in the areas of scholarship selected by the University,

  • ensuring unrestricted access to the Library collections and global information resources,

  • modernizing and developing the Library services,

  • effective and active management of the Library collections,

  • continuing training of the Library staff,

  • educating the patrons in easy and fast information access,

  • safeguarding special collections (a part of the European and World Cultural Heritage),

  • cooperating with other institutions on local, national and international levels to facilitate collections’ accessibility,

  • continually making the Library resources and services more patron-friendly.

Wroclaw University Library has over three hundred years of experience in serving the University and the city of Wroclaw.

Its future is a development into a ‘hybrid library’, an institution combining both traditional and electronic libraries.This perspective is closely related to the construction of the new building. The new site will significantly help Wroclaw University Library evolve into educational, research and information center where respect of cultural heritage is accompanied by the usage of state of the art information technology.