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Reprographic and Digitization Unit - About Unit

Reprographic and Digitization Unit of Wroclaw University Library has been existed since 1951. Its main goal is to secure most valuable collections of manuscripts, incunabula as well as other unique and valuable materials from: Manuscripts, Old Prints, Music Collection, Maps and Graphic Collection Departments as well as from former Silesia – Lusatian Cabinet to be gathered within Library. Another very important duty of Unit is to ensure easier access to collections of Wroclaw University Library by making microform or digital copies of them.

Within Unit, user-customer can order copy of materials in chosen by him or her form (photocopy, printout, scan, digital file) and in this way use Library’s materials outside of Library.

Services provided by Unit are done on high professional level using newest materials and with modern equipment operated by good specialists. That kind of work ensures the highest quality of created copies, that could be used in scientific researches as well as for professional publications and exhibitions.