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Maps Department

Profile of collections

Profile of maps collections, just like with the rest of Library, has been dictated by two factors: origins of collections and their present geographical position, that force specialization in Silesiaca, Lusatica and Germanica as well as Polonica after Second World War. In Maps Department are gathered, processed and circulated atlases, maps, plans and town views as well as globes. Separated auxiliary part of collection is reference collection with specialist literature and cartographic periodicals, as well as other materials, such as geographical and language dictionaries, bibliographies, printed catalogs, biographies, encyclopedias etc. Collection has no range, time or language limitations, but priority during acquiring new materials have antique purchases of Silesiaca and Polonica.

Department duties

Main duties of the Maps Department are:

  • maintaining register,

  • processing of collections,

  • circulating collections to the Special Collections’ Reading Room as well as for domestic and foreign exhibitions,

  • registering of circulated collections,

  • storage duties, protection of collections,

  • answering queries and distributing information regarding collections,

  • maintaining catalogs, registers and reference collections,

  • cooperation with Collections’ Acquisition Department,

  • co-organization of exhibitions,

  • shifts and substantive assistance in Special Collections’ Reading Room.

Circulation of collections

Materials are available in the Special Collections’ Reading Room:
:: accomplishment of orders by 2:00 p.m.
:: orders placed after that hour will be accomplished next day
:: materials must be returned by 2:30 p.m., excluding cartographic materials published after 1800 and items from reference collection
:: detailed terms and conditions of usage of cartographic materials are determined in Rules of collection circulation in Wroclaw University Library
Reprographic services are carried out in the Reprographic and Digitization Unit.


Wroclaw University Library
Maps Department
Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St.
50-383 Wroclaw
phone: +48 71 37 52 422


First and Last Name tel. number / email
dr Dariusz Przybytek +48 71 3752 422
mgr Magdalena Sztochel +48 71 3752 422