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Changes in price list for the reprographic services

General rules of providing reprographic services

  1. In the WUL it is possible to make copies of library's materials by yourself or by submitting order for the Reprographic and Digitization Unit.

  2. In the reading rooms are available self-copying machines that allows self-service for users.

  3. It is allowed to take free photographs of some of the library's materials by users with one's own camera (without flashlight).

  4. Reprographic and Digitization Unit makes: photocopies, microfilms, digital photographs, scanning, digitization on demand and archives effects of preformed tasks on CDs and DVDs or is making them available via FTP server.

  5. Orders for reprographic services are accepted in all Library's reading rooms, on the appropriate form; they can also be sent by post to the address of the Library (Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St., 50-383 Wroclaw) and by e-mail ().

  6. Completed orders can be collected at the Library's Information Point, they can be sent by regular mail or made available for download from an FTP server.

  7. Reproduction of Library's materials is done in accordance with the law on copyright and related rights.

  8. The Library may refuse to perform a reprographic service if the state of preservation of the material does not permit it or its completion is not within the technical capabilities of the Library.

  9. Photocopies of the originals published before 1950 and from bound newspapers over A-3 format are not made at all. For these materials, we suggest choosing a different form of reproduction (scan, photo).

  10. Scanning services, digitization on demand and copying digital files are exempt from VAT (pursuant to Article 43 paragraph 1 point 33 of the VAT Act), if they are not recorded on any medium (the user downloads data from the FTP server).

  11. For non-standard orders and orders over 1,000 scans (frames / pieces), the price of the service is determined individually.

  12. Completed orders and invoices or fiscal receipts are collected at Library's Information Point, for foreign Users the invoice, based on the specification prepared by the employee of the department that makes the collection available for reproduction, is issued by the Library's front office.

Unit duties

Main duties of the Reprographic and Digitization Unit are:

  • reprographic services for readers,

  • reprographic services for University Library,

  • protection of collections,

  • digitization of collections.


Wroclaw University Library
Reprographic and Digitization Unit
Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St.
50-383 Wroclaw
phone: +48 71 37 52 431


First and Last Name tel. number / email
Dep. manager Marcin Szala +48 71 3752 431
Marek Cap +48 71 3752 427
mgr Ritta Czaplicka +48 71 3752 431
Tomasz Kalota +48 71 3752 426
mgr Mariusz Kupczak +48 71 3752 407
Eunika Kupis +48 71 3752 429
Alicja Liwczycka +48 71 3752 427
Andrzej Malenda +48 71 3752 407
Paweł Rękar +48 71 3752 426
mgr Iwona Szylin +48 71 3752 667
mgr Joanna Tokarz +48 71 3752 667
mgr Marcin Trzepacz +48 71 3752 667
mgr Zofia Ważna +48 71 3752 429
mgr inż. Justyna Woszczyk +48 71 3752 429
mgr Justyna Zaczek +48 71 3752 431
Joanna Łaszcz +48 71 3752 426