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Reprographic and Digitization Unit - Reprographic and digital services

Copying library’s materials from the collections of the University Library is carried out only in compliance with copyright law.

1. Photocopying service (Nos. 1 and 2 in price list)

No xerographic copies are made from materials published before 1950. Only A4 or A3 formats’ black and white copies are made.

2. Scanning from original materials (Nos. 3, 4, 5 in price list)

It’s aim is to create color graphic files. The maximum size of the original material is A-0 format (841x1189mm). Thickness (e.g. books) up to 9cm.
Scanned images will be made in the form of color graphic files in 150 DPI, 300 DPI or 600 DPI resolution for presentation, printing or publishing purposes (with the consent of the WUL Director.)

3. Scanning from microforms (Nos. 6, 7, 8 in price list)

It’s aim is to create black and white graphic files from already existing microforms. Only whole frames can be scanned.
When describing microfilms it is necessary to give characteristic features of content (page numbers, numbers of periodicals’ issue or dates of publications).

4. Digitization on demand (No. 9 in price list)

The entire item is digitized. If ordered materials are within an introligatory block (i.e. it is bound in one volume with the other), then whole block is digitized.

Created files remain the property of Library and will be placed in the Digital Library of Wroclaw University and user receives copy that can be only used for private, non-commercial purposes and cannot be disseminate further in any way without the consent of the WUL Director.

5. Copying files (No. 12 in price list)

The Reprographic and Digitization Unit provides the user with copies of files previously archived in the WUL’s database.
"Package” service covers copying up to 20 files.

6. Digital file (pdf or jpg) up to A-3 format (No. 10 in price list)

The service is not available for manuscripts and old prints. We scan materials whose original size does not exceed the A-3 format.

7. Digital file (special photos) made with digital camera (No. 11 in price list)

Special photos are, e.g. watermarks, gilded miniatures, bindings, etc., but also materials that, due to their dimensions, cannot be scanned on the scanner.
We photograph materials whose original size does not exceed the A-1 format.

8. Archival storage on CD or DVD (No. 13 in price list)

The service provides burning on CD or DVD digital files ordered by user from Library’s materials.

9. Files requiring additional processing (No. 14 in price list)

An additional processing of digital images is made in case of e.g. merging separate scans into one or applying additional adjustments to files (on customer’s request).