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Music Collection Department

Profile of collections

Department gathers the music scores publications and manuscripts as well as books and periodicals that are related to music issues. Collections of the music scores prints and manuscripts are very thematically different and include both profane and sacred, instrumental and vocal music, from 15th to 21st century, among old music items, inter alia, splendid collection of Italian edition of baroque music. Distinguished feature of collection is large amount of Silesian music – combined with rich collection of specialist literature form 19th-20th century and numerous of German and Silesian music periodicals, cause that WUL’s music collections (together with special collections from other special collections' Departments and Silesia-Lusatian collections) are world’s most valuable research materials for music history – especially from Silesian region, but also from whole Middle Europe. Special attention deserves also rich collection of older and modern encyclopedic and bibliographic publications regarding music, that provides readers with valuable workshop for scientific activities.

Since 1963 Library is member of IAML (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres)

Department duties

Main duties of the Music Collection Department are:

  • maintaining register,

  • processing of collections,

  • circulating collections to the Special Collections’ Reading Room as well as for domestic and foreign exhibitions,

  • registering of circulated collections,

  • storage duties, protection of collections,

  • answering queries and distributing information regarding collections,

  • maintaining catalogs, registers and reference collections,

  • cooperation with Collections’ Acquisition Department,

  • co-organization of exhibitions,

  • shifts and substantive assistance in Special Collections’ Reading Room.

Circulation of collections

Materials are available in the Special Collections’ Reading Room:
:: accomplishment of orders by 2:00 p.m. (special collections) and by 2:30 p.m. (general collections)
:: orders placed after those hours will be accomplished next day
:: detailed terms and conditions of usage of music materials are determined in Rules of collection circulation in Wroclaw University Library
Reprographic services are carried out in the Reprographic and Digitization Unit.


Wroclaw University Library
Music Collection Department
Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St.
50-383 Wroclaw
phone: +48 71 37 52 425


First and Last Name tel. number / email
Dep. manager mgr Mirosław Osowski +48 71 3752 425
mgr Izabela Baron-Grygar +48 71 3752 952
Joanna Konopczak +48 71 3752 952
mgr Katarzyna Kubaszewska +48 71 3752 952