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Reserving library materials step by step

Library materials can be reserved by users who have permissions for borrowing and have valid library accounts for the WUL's Local Lending Department.

A library account for reading rooms cannot be used to make reservations.

The Reservation button appears only for items already lent to somebody at the University Library.

Reserving is not synonymous with an ordering! By reserving the already lent item, user is signing in the list of people waiting for the return of that indicated item.

If there is information in the Status tab: Due date it means that the item is lent to the indicated date. In that case, user can reserve it using the Reservation.

After completing that operation in the user's account in the tab: Request type information about the reserved item appears: Reservation. Whereas in the tab: Place in the queue - there is information indicating the current number of user waiting in the reservation queue for indicated item.

The reservation can be canceled until the moment of returning lent item by the previous user.

After returning the reserved item, in the waiting user's account appears information: Available for collection.

Information about the fact that the reserved item can be lent is being sent to the user's e-mail given during subscription to the Library.

The user can collect the reserved item during the 4 days.
After this time the unclaimed item is offered to the next person waiting in the reservation queue.