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Digital Library - How to become Partner of DLoWU?

Digital Library of Wroclaw University:

  • could support e-learning, didactical activities as well as research and development processes of our University,

  • is prepared to make available in digital form selected scripts, monographs, conference materials, articles from periodicals of UoW, thesis and e-books,

  • allows for audio-visual and multimedia publication,

  • presents possibility to preserve and popularize historical collections of: libraries, archives and museums,

  • is provider of orderly sorted knowledge and information about authors and their publications,

  • could be efficient tool used for building projects basing on Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 concepts,

  • is global visiting-card that is a prove of usage of new medias and technologies by University,

  • is splendid advertisement for our University and whole Region.

If you are interested in usage of DLoWU and want to become its Partner, then you can:

  • invite employee of Library, that in form of presentation will describe functions, possibilities and aims of DLoWU; contact: ,

  • watch movie from presentation of DLoWU and Lawyer Digital Library, that took place in December 2007,

  • read materials published in Must have for editor of DLoWU (Polish version only), that will allow to familiarize oneself with types and scope of works within the DLoWU and in the same way will allow to see, how many instructions are already prepared to improve completion of tasks undertaken by the DLoWU,

  • identify needs of your students and scientific employees and think about your own vision of co-creating of the DLoWU, as well as about personnel and equipment needed for realization of that tasks,

  • skip listed above points and directly appoint yourself for meeting, during which employees of Library will explain rules of functioning, possibilities and aims of the DLoWU as well as will answer all your questions,

  • you must familiarized yourself with example of partners agreement, i.e. Agreement, and adopt its content for potentiality and needs of future Partner and Library,

  • after all details have been settle down, Agreement should be signed between Director of the Library and Manager of partner institution.

We invite you to cooperation
Director of Wroclaw University Library