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Maps Department - Collections

Size of collections

Cartographic collection:

:: over 18 500 inventory units

:: overall number of counted items, i.e. sheets of maps and volumes of atlases – over 33.000, including circa 15.000 sheets of map series


:: specialist reference collection from cartography and auxiliary materials (geographical and language dictionaries, bibliographies, printed catalogs, biographies, encyclopedias) – about 2.000 vol.

Cartographic periodicals:

:: more than 30 titles (circa 800 vol.)


Electronic catalogs:

:: Online catalog of Wroclaw University Library [Enter] [More information]

:: Electronic catalog of map collections of University of Wrocław [Enter] [More information]

Digitized catalogs

:: Digitized alphabetical catalog of Maps Department [Enter] [More information]

Traditional catalogs (closed):

Cartographical collections:
:: alphabetical catalog of cartographical collections
:: reference catalog sorted by creators of maps, plans, sights, themes of maps
:: catalog of section maps
:: catalog of series maps
:: alphabetical catalog of cartographical collections sorted territorially and chronologically – with division on Poland and world, to 1800 and after 1800
:: catalog of publishers of maps and atlases
:: catalog of maps delivered to Institute of Geography and Regional Development of University of Wrocław

Books and periodicals (reference collection):
materials published after 1994 are also available in online catalog of Wroclaw University Library
:: alphabetical catalog
:: systematical catalog
:: topographic catalog (by call number)
:: alphabetical catalog of periodicals
:: catalog of concordance (parallel) of call number from former City Library with current ones