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Order regulations in force at the WUL's building on F. Joliot-Curie 12 St.

Order regulations in force in the Wroclaw University Library's building on F. Joliot-Curie 12 St. from October 1, 2019

In the University Library applies the principles of social coexistence and personal culture - obligatory in public places. Library employees have the right to admonish, and in justified cases to refuse the right to stay at the University Library to Users who violate the aforementioned rules or provisions of the Rules of Collection Circulation in the Wroclaw University Library.

I. Users entering the WUL's building are obliged to:

  1. Leave overcoats as well as briefcases, laptop covers, backpacks and bags in the cloakroom/self-service cabinet - applies to all Library Users. Students of Journalism who take classes in the rooms of the WUL's building are obliged to leave their overcoats in the cloakroom.

  2. Have a valid library card if they want to use the departments of collections circulation (reading rooms, Informatory, Free Access Area), with the exception of Users who are not enrolled in the WUL and only need to obtain stamp on student obligation card or circulating card in the Local Lending Department, level 1.

  3. Bringing your own materials to the reading rooms only in a special plastic bag or basket available in the WUL's cloakroom. After finishing work, the bag/basket should also be returned in the cloakroom.

  4. Return the key to the self-service (clothing) cabinet by 7:00 p.m. at the latest on the day on which it was borrowed.

  5. Keep silence in the entire building, except in the rooms for group work and on level 0 - cloakroom area.

  6. Know of current announcements and information that are made available to Users through the University Library website ( and posted in the printed form

  7. Turn off sound signals in telephones and other electronic devices in the WUL, except for level 0 within the cloakroom area.

  8. Carefully handle the library materials, library equipment and fittings, as well as to maintain adequate cleanliness of hands and outerwear.

  9. Leave toilets in proper order.

  10. Presenting, at the request of a Library employee or a security guard, for inspection books, bags, rucksacks, briefcases etc. brought into the WUL's building.

  11. Comply with orders and requests of the WUL's employees and security, and to treat them with due respect.

II. In the WUL's building it is prohibited to:

  1. Disturb other Users by making noisy conversations, loud use of cell phones and other electronic devices (outside the designated area) and take off shoes in WUL's departments.

  2. Misplace and put library materials on the shelves by Users.

  3. Eat and drink (except for mineral water in a small, capped bottle ) in all departments of collections circulation: reading rooms, Informatory, Free Access Area and corridors, except for designated area on level 0 - cloakroom area. Attention: it is prohibited to bring any drinks, even bottled water, to the Special Collections' Reading Room.

  4. Smoke tobacco, electronic cigarettes, drink alcohol and take intoxicants - in the entire WUL's building

  5. Enter the building drunk, under the influence of intoxicants or without complying with the rules of personal hygiene.

  6. Bring in copying equipment.

  7. Take photos, filming and using for commercial purposes the collections and image of the WUL without the consent of the Library Director.

  8. Preform all activities that cause damage to the library materials while using them (underlining the text, spread books with the spine up, bending cards, etc.) and improper handling of them during photocopying.

  9. Use the Library equipment in improper way: move furniture to other places, block spaces in passageways and in spaces between bookshelves in the Free Access Area.

  10. Leave the User's personal property without supervision. The WUL shall not be liable for any loss of property left unattended.

III. The Library provides Users with:

  1. Freedom in access to collections and organizing a workplace in accordance with Users' reported needs.

  2. Courteous and professional staff services: librarians' information duty, library trainings, tours in the building, presentation of special collections, organization of exhibitions as well as cultural and educational events - in accordance with the WUL's Rules or the price list of services

  3. Access to electronic information sources and databases of library materials - in accordance with the WUL's Rules or the price list of services.

  4. Presence of cleaning and security staff in the Library building.

  5. Possibility of submitting comments and desiderates regarding the functioning of the WUL directly to librarians on duty, as well as personally or in writing to the manager of the relevant Department or the WUL's director

Order regulations shall enter into force on October 1, 2019.