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Catalog of map collections of University of Wroclaw

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Electronic catalog of map collections of University of Wrocław is a georeference database containing informations about cartographical documents collected in Wroclaw University Library, and in the future, also in other departments of University of Wroclaw. At present time it mainly consists of data from 10 map series of Poland (more than 10.000 items) from Maps Department of Wroclaw University Library.
This catalog completely changes the way of using the cartography collections and allows to increase their availability by shortening time needed to obtain information about them. Search of documents on the scaled map is mainly based on georeferences. Due to peculiarity of cartographic collections, and especially map series, it is essential to create indexes and coverages of maps. Method of presentation of data in the database includes all types of cartographical materials.
This application is compatible with Digital Library of Wroclaw University and with standard international bibliographical description (MARC 21 format) for cartographical documents that is used in OPAC Catalog of Wroclaw University Library. That kind of compatibility allows to use all of this systems in most efficient way. The "Help" panel with instruction of how to use it is available from inside of the application.
This electronic application in time will replace present traditional paper-card catalog and digitized catalog.