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Graphic Collection Department - Collections

Size of special collections

Graphic, drawings and paintings
Collection consists of more than 11.500 items of separated illustration, in albums and briefcases.

Collection consists of over 3.000 , including about 30 from 17th and 18th centuries (M. H. Rentz and B. Strahowsky). Circa 1500 items are pre- (few) and post-war Polish ex-librises.

Collection consists of more than 17.500 items and consists of three parts: pre-war German photographs up from 1854, workshop photography from all over the world up from 1870 as well as pre-and post-war Polish photographs.

Collection consists of over 23.000, separated and placed in albums, postcards originated from Europe, Asia and Africa, published before 1945 as well as from mandatory copy of Polish production after 1945.

Collection consists of circa 700 items.

Specialist collection
• monographs (books) – over 19.000 vol.
• periodicals – more than 4.000 vol.


Electronic catalogs

:: Online catalog of Wroclaw University Library in VIRTUA system (OPAC) [Enter] [More information]

:: Online catalog of Graphic Collection Department [Enter] [More information]

Digitized catalogs

:: Partial catalog of ex-librises [Enter] [More information]

:: Catalogs of art collections of former City Library in Wroclaw [Enter] [More information]

Traditional catalogs

I. Special collections

1. Prints and drawings
:: alphabetical catalog of prints and drawings
:: alphabetical catalog of authors of originals
:: catalog of printmaking ang drawing techniques
:: aphabetical catalog of printers and publishers
:: subject catalog (including portraits and views)
:: topographic catalog (by call number)
:: alphabetical photographic catalog (photocopies) of portraits and views (also includes selected graphic art collections from the Silesia – Lusatian Cabinet and the Old Prints Department)

2. Photograph
:: subject catalog of Wroclaw
:: alphabetical catalog of photographers and photographic workshops
:: topographic catalog (by call number)
:: alphabetical photographic catalog (photocopies) of portraits and views of Wroclaw and Silesian places

3. Postcard
:: alphabetical catalog of views of Silesian places
:: call number photographic catalog (photocopies) of Silesian views

4. Ex-librise
:: alphabetical catalog of engravers
:: alphabetical catalog of owners of ex-librises
:: topographic catalog (by call number)
:: call number photographic catalogue (photocopies)

II. Books and periodicals

1. Books
:: alphabetical catalog
:: subject catalog
:: topographic catalog (by call number)

2. Periodicals
:: alphabetical Catalog
:: topographic catalog (by call number)