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Rules for using self-service lockers and cloakrooms located in the building of the Wroclaw University Library on F. Joliot-Curie 12 St.

1. Users of the University Library have the right to use self-service lockers and cloakrooms located in the Library's building (level 0). A valid library card/student/employee ID is required to use the self-service lockers.

2. The cloakroom and self-service lockers are only used to store outerwear, bags, briefcases, backpacks, etc. while staying in the Library's user area. The user using the self-service locker is obliged to ensure that the locker is properly closed and the key is safely stored; the user using the cloakroom is obliged to safely store the ticket issued in exchange for items given for temporary storage.
Loosing the ticket issued in the cloakroom, the key to the self-service locker or damaging the lock in the self-service locker is subjected to a fee - in accordance with the WUL's price list available on the website in the Services tab: Price list.

3. Precious and valuable items should not be stored in self-service lockers, because the lockers are not directly supervised and the Library is not responsible for the property left in them.

4. In self-service lockers and in the cloakroom, it is forbidden to store: dangerous, dirty or illegal materials, such as: weapons, explosives, narcotics, drugs, alcohol, etc. In situations that raise suspicions of improper use of the locker, the locker may be opened by the security staff of the Library building.

5. Damage to self-service lockers or finding abandoned items noticed by the User should be immediately reported to a security guard or an employee of the Library in the Information Point.

6. The keys to the self-service lockers are issued and returned in the Library Information Point by the librarian during the Library's working hours. Each user has the right to have a key to one locker on a given day of using the Library. Issuing and returning the key is registered by the librarian on the user's library account.

7. If the key is not returned on time, the self-service locker will be opened by a committee and its contents deposited in the Autonomous Section for Administration of Wroclaw University Library.

8. The deposited items can be picked up on the date agreed by phone (phone +48 71 34 63 126) within the next 5 working days. After this date, the user's property deposited from the self-service locker, the value of which exceeds 100 PLN, will be transferred to the Municipal Lost and Found Office, at the head office of the Road Management and Maintenance of the City of Wrocław at Długa 49 St., in the building H.

9. Costs related to the depositing of the founded items in the Lost and Found Office are charged to the owner.

10. Items with value of which is less than 100 PLN will be deposited in the Autonomous Section for Administration of Wroclaw University Library. If they are not collected, they will be destroyed after 90 days from the date of their deposit.

11. Fees are charged for failure to return the key on time, loss of the key or damaging/destroying the self-service locker lock and loss of the cloakroom ticket in accordance with the Price list.