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Department duties

The main duties of the Department for Documentation of Silesian Cultural Heritage are:

  • retrospective cataloging in the electronic catalog and the Digital Library of the University of Wrocław of monographs and periodicals from the Silesian-Lusatian Collection,

  • processing Social Life Documents regarding Silesia in an electronic catalog,

  • consultations for users and substantive assistance in the Silesian Collection Reading Room,

  • realization of user queries regarding Silesia and Lusatia regions,

  • training in entering metadata in the dLibra software,

  • participation in projects.

Department for Documentation of Silesian Cultural Heritage

Department has been created on basis of Zarządzenie Nr 133/2021 Rektora Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego z dnia 15 września 2021 r. w sprawie wprowadzenia Regulaminu organizacyjnego Systemu biblioteczno-informacyjnego Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego (directive No 133/2021 of Rector of University of Wrocław from 15th of January 2021 regarding the introduction of the Organizational Regulations of the Library and Information System of the University of Wrocław).


Wroclaw University Library
Department for Documentation of Silesian Cultural Heritage
Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St.
50-383 Wroclaw
e-mail: -


First and Last Name tel. number / email
Dep. manager mgr Katarzyna Grodecka +48 71 3752 414
mgr Arkadiusz Cencora +48 71 3463 163
mgr Danuta Liszkowska-Solnicka +48 71 3752 416
mgr Monika Michałkiewicz +48 71 3752 414
dr Paulina Nicko-Stępień +48 71 3752 414
dr Grzegorz Sobel +48 71 3463 163