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Hartmann Schedel "Liber chronicarum"; (Nürnberg, 1493).
[call number: XV. F. 142]

Incunabulum contains circa 2,000 woodcuts, inter alia, with city sights of such artists as Wilhelm Pleydenwurff and Michael Wolgemut.

Codex has 650 pages of measurement 33 x 48 cm printed on handmade paper. Sawed on five double twined tires. Hard binding, boards covered with brown leather with blind-tooling. Preserved parts of clasps, metal ornaments and brass bosses.

Item in bad condition, dirty and damaged, with tears and traces of insects. Loose cards falling out, folded. In first and last quires – a small overcoloured damp patch. Sawing loose, linen threads cut. Paper endpapers on boards – damaged, with colouration, folded. Parchment pages in good condition. Original binding preserved. Front board broken longways on the edge. Preserved only 4 from 5 bosses and 3 from 4 corner ferrules. Back board in good condition, preserved 4 from 5 buttons and part of one bottom corner ferrule. Grain dirty and very dry, hackneyed on edges and spine, with wanes. Preserved straps and one clasp. No headbands.

Cost of conservation: 450 h x 100,-/h = 45.000,- PLN
Cost of materials, performing fdk, odk and protecting box: 1.425,- PLN

Overall cost of conservation: 46.425 PLN.