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Rules for using the collections in Free Access area (FA)

  • the user independently searches for the library materials he/she is interested in, carries and uses them locally in the FA rooms, reading rooms or in the Informatory, or lend them using his/her own library account (in the case of books intended for this purpose). Passing with the book through the security gates near the Information Point on level 0 without lending it on the library account will result in triggering the sound and light alarm of the gate.

  • in case of looking for a specific book, use the WUL's online catalog. If the title you are looking for is in the Library's collections, you can find it: in the Free Access areas, Book Storage Department, or in the collections of one of the departmental. (faculty/institute) libraries. Books from the FA areas have a location in the online catalog marked as: BU-Wolny Dostęp 1 (Free Access 1), BU Wolny Dostęp 2 (Free Access 2) and the KBK classification, which indicates the location of the book on a specific bookstand and shelf in the FA area. Books without FA localization must be ordered from the Storage Department; depending on their status - they can be available only locally in the reading rooms or borrowed outside the Library via the Local Lending Department. Books from departmental libraries (faculty/institute) are circulated in individual libraries, in accordance with their Regulations.

  • library materials/books used by users locally in the FA area should be put on designated carts - they should not be inserted independently into the collections on shelves.

Lending collections located in the Free Access areas:

  • materials located in the Free Access areas and materials from the A and Z divisions in the Main Reading Room are excluded from the ordering system via the electronic catalog and they cannot be reserved,

  • the person who first comes for the books on a given day has the priority to use these collections,

  • the right to borrow materials outside the Library is granted to users who have a valid library account - in accordance with the Rules of Collection Circulation in the Wroclaw University Library,

  • FA call number is placed on the book labels - alphanumeric designation, beginning with the letter marking the division, and then markings for sub-divisions and date of publication, e.g. BC 116. Z546 2017. This call number indicates book’s place on the shelf,

  • materials marked with a pink label can be only use locally,

  • documents accompanying a given book, e.g. CD, DVD, etc. are issued by librarians at the FA1 or FA2 counter,

  • borrowing books outside is carried out in the Free Access areas using self-service stands - selfchecks or in the Local Lending Department on level 1,

  • books borrowed on your own library account can be returned at self-service stands (FA1 and FA2), or in the Local Lending Department on level 1,

  • any questions of the Library’s users related to FA will be answered by the librarians on site in Free Access or via phone/e-mail

    Free Access 1 – level 2, phone: +48 71 375 76 22,
    Free Access 2 – level 3, phone: +48 71 375 76 09,
    e-mail: opz.bu[w] (opz[dot]bu[at]uwr[dot]edu[dot]pl)

    Main Reading Room (divisions A and Z) – level 3,
    phone: +48 71 375 76 03,
    e-mail: sc.bu[w] (sc[dot]bu[at]uwr[dot]edu[dot]pl)


  • Substantive questions regarding the Classification of books in the Free Access should be directed to the subject librarians:
    e-mail: bibliotekarz.dziedzinowy.bu[w] (bibliotekarz[dot]dziedzinowy[dot]bu[at]uwr[dot]edu[dot]pl)

  • Opening hours
    Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
    Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

  • More information on the characteristics and locations of the collections in Free Access area can be found at:
    Free Access to the collections in the Wroclaw University Library