Catalog of Polish Standards (PS) available in WUL (2009-)

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Content of catalog database of Polish Standards available in WUL

Wroclaw University Library is entitled to receive Polish Standards as obligatory copies. According to the decision of Polish Committee for Standardization since the year 2009 new Polish Standards (PS) are sent to the entitled libraries only in an electronic form.
Wroclaw University Library provides access to full texts of Polish Standards on selected terminals in the Main Reading Room and in the Scientific Information Department (in the Library building on Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St.). List of titles and numbers of currently available PS, published since the year 2009 and downloaded by the Library from Polish Committee for Standardization's server as obligatory copies is available in interent for all users (also from outside of Wroclaw University). Polish Standards are presented along with interactive International Classification for Standards (ICS) which is used for sorting them.

Searching in the database can be preformed in two ways:

  1. By hierarchical International Classification for Standards developed by International Standard Organization (ISO)
    ICS is three-level classification, that was limited for purpose of WUL's database to two levels: fields and groups. In the classification there are 40 fields of normalization activities (first level), marked with two characters number. Fields are divided into 392 groups (second level). Designation of group consists of two characters' code for field and three characters' code for group, separated with dot. In WUL's database, after selecting specific field and group, list of Standards belonging to specific group will appear along with their numbers and titles. For returning to list of groups in current field or to list of fields, the breadcrumb placed above the list of Standards should be used.

  2. By searching in accordance with standards' number or words in titles.
    In search field the standard's number or searched word from its title should be written down and then “Search” button should be pushed. Searching is preforming in the whole database, and its results are displayed in form of the list of fields (and within them - groups), that contains only the standards meeting users search query (e.g. word from title). For removing used search criterion (filter) the button “Reset” button shoul be used.