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International catalog of music manuscripts

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International Catalog of Music Sources (Répertoire International des Sources Musicales, „RISM”) contains over 700.000 records, mostly of the music manuscripts, from over 700 libraries and archives from all over the world. Among them are present circa 9.500 bibliographical records created for over 2000 music manuscripts from the Wroclaw University Library's Music Collection Department (status at as of the first half of 2010).

Catalog contains descriptions that provides information about composer, song title, the cast of vocal and instrumental music, as well as references to the literature. Manuscripts are described in detail in relation to the copyist and the place and time of the creation. In addition, virtually any composition can be identified by the musical incipit.

Descriptions of all music manuscripts from the Wroclaw University Library's collection can be found by searching by siglum PL WRu.