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Central catalog of Departmental Libraries' books

General information

Traditional paper-card Central Catalog of Departmental Libraries is located in the new building of Wroclaw University Library.

Catalog provide information, in alphabetical order, about books and periodicals that are present in departmental libraries, without Library of British Center that has its own electronic catalog.

Catalog cards in Central Catalog of Departmental Libraries have property stamps of specific departmental libraries.

Materials from this catalog could only be ordered in proper departmental library.

Central catalog holds, in catalog box No. 1, information about current names and addresses of all 38 departmental libraries, as well as references from old names and addresses.

Cards are sorted by Latin alphabet, with addition of letters J and W.

Central Catalog of Departmental Libraries. Books

This catalog consists of main cards, partial cards and general reference cards. It is systematically updated with cards for new acquisitions as well as cards from re-cataloging and it is under permanent melioration.

To this catalog are still included catalog cards for books, that are processed only in traditional way, outside of computer processing, by their home departmental library.