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of the University of Wrocław's Library Council

Resolution of University of Wrocław's Library Council

passed on session from 30th march 2009 on matter of

need to increase funds for foreign scientific publications.

In the situation, when from 4 years the constant reducing of Wroclaw University Library’s budget has taken place (in over 70% reserve for still very low salaries of personnel), main mission of Library is endangered including systematic building of new collections of foreign scientific publications, collections, that will be adequate to development of world's writings. Those expensive editions – general and specialized encyclopedias, compendiums, dictionaries and bibliographies in fields of science represented by scientific and didactical profile of University – must be available to Library's users, because they conditioning the proper scientific development. They cannot be missing in collections that will be available in the new Library building in so called free access. Actual foreign publications will be chief asset to draw to the University researchers and students from abroad, especially from European Union countries.

Library Council sees need to enrich embarrassingly poor budget of Wroclaw University Library by assign additional funds that will allows scheduled acquisition of foreign publications. Library Council addresses Mister Rector of University of Wroclaw, to redirect 10% of surcharge from grants received by employees of University for that purpose. At the same time, Council proposed that from additional founds gained in that way supervisors of grants could be entitled to designate one specific foreign publication to be purchased by Library.

In public voting over proposal 11 members of Council participated. Among them 8 members of Council were „for”, 3 members abstained from voting.

On behave of Library Council

Chairman of Council prof. dr hab. Anna Migoniowa


Year Whole WUL's budget in PLN Employees salaries % of whole budget Sums spend on publication acquisition Sums spend on foreign publication acquisition in PLN
2006 8.757.100 6.648.200 75,92% 581 825 61 944
2007 8.430.500 5.922.600 72,25% 515 176 40 082
2008 8.200.400 6.500.700 79,2% 536 537 39 152