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Basic training

1. Aim of basic training is to learn organization structure of WUL, its activities and its informational workshop.

2. In basic training should participate all new employees, regardless of previous occupation, length of working period or education.

3. Training should be conducted after probation period and within first year of employment.

4. Training includes: collections acquisition, formal and subject processing of books and periodicals, structure of catalogs, circulation of collections, scientific information and should last at least two weeks.

5. Detailed program, terms and place of training are assigned by direct superior of trainees with cooperation of managers of units, where practice will be conducted.

6. In basic training all departments of Wroclaw University Library should be included.

7. Basic training also includes systematic lecture on history, functions and mission of Wroclaw University Library as well as tour in special collections' departments. This part of training is under jurisdiction of Scientific Information Department.

8. Concluded training should be testified by signatures of managers of departments, in which practice took place, signed in "Schedule of basic training”.

9. „Schedule of basic training” should be kept by manager of department, that dispatch employee for practice.

Specialist practices

10. Aim of specialist practices is professional improvement of librarians that apply for promotion for senior librarian or custodian librarian.

11. In specialist practices are included librarians, who do not meet requirements of Directive 266 of Ministry of Education from 23rd October 1991.
* Actual regulations: Rozporządzenie Ministra Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego w sprawie warunków wynagradzania za pracę i przyznawania innych świadczeń związanych z pracą dla pracowników zatrudnionych w uczelni publicznej z dnia 22 grudnia 2006 r. (Dz. U. 06.251.1852) (Ordinance of Minister of Science and Higher Education according payment and other benefits connected with employment for employees of public higher education institutions from 22nd December 2006 (Dz. U. 06.251.1852) Polish version only).

12. Specialist practices last at least one month.

13. Selection of place, term and extent of practice is decided by direct supervisor of employee dispatched for practice and must be sent in form of written application to Director of Wroclaw University Library.

14. An organization and course of practice are supervised by manager of the Scientific Information Department of WUL.

15. Course of practice should be testified by written opinion about results of training signed by manager of department, in which practice was held.

Specialist supplementary teaching practice

16. Aim of specialist supplementary teaching practice is verification and completion of employees qualifications regardless of requirements for promotion or post held by employee.

17. Specialist supplementary teaching practices prepare employee for usage of modern software and search technologies as well as collection processing.

18. Supplementary teaching practices are conducted accordingly to frame training schedule created by manager of department in which practice will take place.

19. For organization and conduction of training is responsible manager of department; practice could be conducted by selected by manager employees.

20. Supplementary teaching practices should end with test, after which trainee could be granted authorization for performance of specific duties.


Form – "Schedule of basic training"


Schedule of basic training

First name
Type of preformed duties
Date of employment
No. Extent of training Term Short description of training Signature of manager
1. Acquisition      
2. Processing of books      
3. Processing of periodicals      
4. Subject cataloging      
5. Alphabetical catalog      
6. Storage and circulation of collections      
7. Information      
8. Computer training      
9. Lecture, tour      

Print form

Form – "Schedule of specialist training"


Schedule of specialist training

First name
Type of preformed duties
Date of employment
No. Extent of training Term Short description of training Signature of manager










Print form