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IBUK Libra

Entrance to the base

University of Wrocław maintained annual access to selected publications (3021) in the IBUK LIBRA online reading room. Access is possible from the university's network, through the PROXY server or via the PIN code, which can be obtained after sending an e-mail to the address oin.bu[w] (oin[dot]bu[at]uwr[dot]edu[dot]pl), in which you must provide your name and student ID number.

The validity of all PIN codes active until March 2024 has been extended for another year.

In order to use the website, it is necessary to set up a one-time personal myIbuk account, enabling the given user to use advanced functions for working with text. After setting up an account, the User is always recognized by the system and can use the resources and functionalities to which he is authorized. To register correctly, click HELP and see How to use IBUK LIBRA (two short films) - bottom left corner at In order to use advanced options of book, click on "+ ADD TO SHELF myIBUK".


  • very important! - first, we register (we provide the e-mail address and password).

Technical Notes:

required browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Help in the form of a clear and detailed guide that explains step by step how to navigate the IBUK Libra platform and use the available tools. The help contains interactive elements (table of contents, links) that make it easier to switch between chapters / topics.



Tutorial videos: