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Usage of digitized catalog

Sorting of cards in digitized catalog is the same as in the catalog boxes of actual, traditional, paper-card catalog.

Searching in digitized catalog should be started by choosing proper letter from alphabet in the top of the screen.

List of virtual catalog boxes is shown in the scroll down menu above navigational menu.

Size of viewed cards can be chosen by selecting option of format i.e. “małe” (“small”) or “duże” (“big”).

Moving within the catalog box is possible via navigational buttons placed in the right side of menu:
- moving to the first card in catalog box
- moving one card back in catalog box
- moving one card forward in catalog box
- moving to the last card in catalog box
Between buttons the scroll down list is placed scroll which allows to select, how many cards should be skipped while pushing buttons “<” or “>”.

To jump directly to specific card, its number should be written down in the field “pozycja” (“position”).
For moving within catalog box also serves the scroll bar – it can be grab and move right or left, in the same way works cliking along the bar.


- over every card its number in catalog box is displayed as well as the number of cards in the box.

- while viewing catalog with chosen option of small cards, every displayed card can be enlarged by left cliking on it.