Register of correspondence and autographs collections from former University of Wroclaw Library

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Collections of correspondence and autographs from former University Library have been returned to Wroclaw only in 1958 from Moscow Gosudarstvennej Library. It consists of 13.761 items and it is divided into following sections: Roux, Förster, Haase, Holtei, Lummer, Brie, Hauptmann, Hillebrandt, Hoffmann and Bölsche. Collection of Bölsche’s correspondence, due to its large size, is divided into smaller parts: Naturalists, Scientists, Artists, Writers, Printers, Coevals, Häckel, Hauptmann. Separate collections were made from Autographs and 18th century correspondence. Autographs are letters of various persons, to small to create separate collections. In specific collections correspondence is sorted by names of senders. Register has a form of typescript divided into two volumes. Description of each letter consists of its register number, call number, name of sender, receiver, date and place of sending and type of correspondence (e.g. postcard, letter). In every collection, call number consists of abbreviation of collection’s name and following letter’s number in collection, e.g. Böl.Art.8 or Brie.10.