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Catalog and database of prints from Oleśnica 1593-1730

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The database of prints from Olesnica from the WUL’s collections includes prints selected on the basis of the so-called Silesian printers index, excluding the prints included in the catalog “Common European Heritage (16th – 18th century). Microfilm catalog”.

In addition to the detailed searchable records for the years 1593–1669, that were always done first-handedly, you can view Excel files with less detailed descriptions for later years, up to 1730. The database was created as part of the National Science Center project "Production of the printing house in Olesnica (Oels), 1589-1730", No. 2013/09/N/HS2/02323 at the Department of Editing and Auxiliary Sciences of the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University (project manager: Maria Piasecka, contractor: Iwona Grabska-Gradzińska, scientific supervision of the project: Prof. Janusz S. Gruchała).