About system

Mendeley is an innovative reference management system for preparation of publications, which allows to better organize the research work, collaborate online with other users, and easily discover the latest research results.

It also enables:

  • Automatic bibliography generation,

  • Easy import of publications (papers), that were prepared with other software than currently used,

  • Discovery of relevant publications on basis of currently read materials,

  • Online access to own publications from anywhere.

Access is provided in two synchronized versions: Mendeley Web and Mendeley Desktop.

By creating a free account in the Basic version, user receives 2 GB of disk space available in the cloud for individual use, 100 MB of disk space available in the cloud for collaboration with other users and can also create a private group that can consists of up to 3 members.

Quick start

Installation of Mendeley’s software requires prior registration and creating the user account.

The registration procedure.

More information about using Mendeley’s software features.

Tutorial for migrating data (bibliography) from other systems.

More information about Mendeley’s software is available from project’s homepage:



Migration guide - MDLY

Short guide - MDLY