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Suchmaschine für digitalisierte Sammlungen

The Digitized Collections Search Engine provides information on materials digitized by UoW units and processed by the Digitized Collections Inventory (internal system for managment of the digitization process at the University of Wrocław).

This information includes data enabling identification of objects (UoW unit, object reference, title, creator) and references to digital versions. The presentation of the digital version of a given object is based on the use of Internet Imaging Protocol (IIP), which allows showing the images with a quality that is equal to the original scans and at the same time does not require the user to install additional software. Moreover, DCSE displays information about the access mode to digital versions - objects with restricted access are marked in orange, and objects with free access - in green. Moreover, DCSE provides information regardless of the status of the publication of a given object in presentation systems such as the Digital Library of the University of Wrocław, the Digital Museum of the University of Wrocław or the Repository of the University of Wrocław. Thanks to this, DC users have access to digital versions of objects as soon as they are automatically generated by the DCI system and do not have to wait for the creation of a catalog record and linking it with digitized object. However, if a given object is published in one of the systems mentioned above information about it (link) is also presented.

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