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Rules for scanning of the library's materials

  1. The employees and PhD students of the University of Wrocław have the right to use the service on the terms described below.
  2. Up to 25 scans (50 pages) per week for employees and PhD students of the University of Wrocław are provided free of charge. Over 25 scans per week, the price is 0.10 PLN per scan. In the case of very large orders, it is possible to obtain a 50% discount.
  3. In the case of ordering scans of large-format materials (above A3 format), bookbinded, from special collections and those whose condition requires it, the rules and prices contained in the Price list of reprographic services in the Reprographic and Digitization Unit shall apply.
  4. The scanning service is performed with compliance with copyright law.
  5. Before placing an order, we ask Users to check in the Internet whether the necessary publications are made available on an open access basis.
  6. We suggest to not order scanning of works belonging to the canon of fiction, unless it is necessary.
  7. Please place orders via e-mail (e-mail: oin.bu[w] This will make work easier for the librarians and technicians from the Reprographic and Digitization Unit.
  8. We also encourage you to use the online electronic resources available for free by our University.