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Verlag Wissenschaft und Politik

Ein Jahrhundert Minderheiten- und Volksgruppenschutz

hrsg. von Dieter Blumenwitz, Gilbert H.Gornig und Dietrich Murswiek
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Table of Contents

Preface . . 11
Obituary of Jens Hacker . . 14
Greeting . . 17

The Definition of Minorities with Respect to Public International Law and Historic Aspects . . 47
Protection of Minorities and Ethnic Groups after World War I and after World War II A Comparison of the Legai Regimes with Specific Reference to the German Minority in Poland . . 61
Minorities between Segregation, Integration and Assimilation Thoughts upon the Devetopment of the Model of Cultural Autonomy . . 82
The Relationship between Protection of Minorities and the Right of Peoples to Self-Determination . . 99
Minority Protection and the Permanent Court of International Justice . . 124
Minorities and the OSCE. The Role of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities . . 136

(Staats- und Völkerrechtliche Abhandlungen der Studiengruppe für Politik und Völkerrecht ; 19)