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Eyn gesang Buchlein Geystlicher gesege Psalme…

The oldest Silesian church songbook – Wroclaw 1525


Editor and comments:
Anna Mańko-Matysiak

Edition I
ISBN: 83-921013-1-6
Wroclaw 2004

Format of publication: PDF
Number of pages: 84

Publication Series:
e-Biblioteka Historyczna
No 1

Accessible in Digital Library of Wroclaw University

One of the oldest, preserved documents, that testified early and quick joining Martin Luther's followers by inhabitants of Wroclaw, is printed publication Eyn gesang Buchlein Geystlicher gesēge Psalmē.... This song-book from 1525 was published by Adam Dyon, printer dedicated to Reformation, only one year after the first song-books were printed in Erfurt and Wittenberg and in the same way, Wroclaw became one of the first cites, that answered Luther's appeal - „that God's word remains between faithful through singing” (WA. Br 3, p. 221) – and made from religious song sign of faith and religious affiliation.

Wroclaw's song-book has been re-printed, most likely in the same year, with additional songs that numbered 44 (instead of 38 in the first edition). Unique samples from both of the editions, preserved in WUL's collections, proves that Silesian reformers (all signs point to engagement of pastor of St. Mary Magdalene Church – John Hees in editorial work) wanted to, by stressing their own work (jointly 9 songs, 4 melodies, 3 prayers), contribute to popularization of Luther's teaching in metropolis lying over Odra River.

Presentation of this edition aims not only to show importance of that oldest Silesian song-book in Reformation process, but also, above all others, includes hymn research works, that till now were on margin of all studies, to canon of Silesian research works.

In the same way, that publication opens new electronic book series of WUL Printing House, that is dedicated to popularization of rich collections of Wroclaw University Library in the scientific community.

Copies of selected pages from that song-book were presented on exhibition Muzyka kompozytorów śląskich cz. 1 (Music of Silesian composers, part 1) in Wroclaw, Prague and Graz as part of EU project "Bibliotheca Sonans" (September 2004 – August 2005).