Summon metasearch engine

Summon is so called SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tool for localization and management of information. It allows to search diverse information resources through a single window. Using Summon metasearch engine allows the user to instantly obtain information regarding the availability of resources from all types of sources, e.g. OPAC catalog, Digital Library of the University of Wroclaw, repository etc. Summon also generates search results from licensed electronic databases, electronic journals and books, thus providing access to full-text e-sources, also indexed in Open Access system. Summon has advanced functions of contextual navigation and guidance. The search service is built around a single index that returns a single, unified set of search results, ordered by relevance hierarchy. Summon allows users to efficiently search and navigate through all the library resources in a way that meets their expectations in this regard, and adapt elements of the Summon to their own needs.

Currently, the additional information sources are being connected to metasearch engine.

At present time, it coveres:

  • OPAC catalog (WUL's main catalog of books )
  • Digital Library of the Wroclaw University (BCUWr)
  • All electronic resources that are subscribed by WUL (EBSCO, JSTOR etc.)