Ordering copies

This form serves for electronical ordering of copy from materials that are present in collections of Wroclaw University Library. Copies could be created from: dissertations, chapters, articles or part of them from books and periodicals. We are not making copies of whole books. We are not making and sending copies from licenced electronic periodicals.

Materials can be ordered in the following forms:
- xerocopies
- microfilms
- electronic files with digitalized materials
- or others that are available in offer of Reprographic and Digitalization Unit of WUL.

Ordered materials can be only used for non-commercial purposes and cannot be disseminated.

Shipping of ordered materials is possible by means of:
- electronic e-mail (for files smaller than 2 MB)
- The Polish Post.
Ordered copies can also be collected personally (after notifying WUL).
In the cases of parcels up to 1 kg sending via the Polish Post to the costs of order the cost of 8 PLN should be added, sending file/-s via e-mail is free of costs.


Name and first name / name of company: *obligatory


Address of person / company ordering copy: *obligatory


Description of ordered material (author, title, signature, pages, date and place of publication etc.): *up to 1000 symbols *obligatory

Form of copy:

Form of payment:

NIP number: *obligatory when ordering on bill

E-mail address: *obligatory

  Send copy of mail to given address: