Collections - General information

There are 4.038.989 volumes together in Wroclaw University Library and its departmental libraries.

Wroclaw University Library collection, as for 31st December 2014:

  • books 1.324.639 volumes
  • journals 385.926 volumes
  • special collections 483.185 volumes including: 313.136 units + 42.684 microfilms + 127.365 units of restricted collections (uncataloged)
  • restricted collections 186.334 (uncataloged) volumes
  • departmental libraries collections 1.658.905 volumes including: 13.059 units of uncataloged collections

Wroclaw University Library collection is universal in scope and contains print materials from all scholarly disciplines, especially from the area of the humanities and social sciences as well as basic and reference publications from non-academic areas.

Acquiring new items is done by purchase, exchange, gifts and by mandatory copy every Polish publisher is bound by law to deposit in Wroclaw University Library.

The rules of acquiring items by Wroclaw University Library reflect its function as a central academic library and its scientific, teaching and community service goals

Wrocław University Library specializes in collecting on Silesia and Lausitz (see Silesian and Lausitz collections as well as bibliological works (see Special Collections’ Reading Room).

Various historical collections that originated in Wrocław University Library throughout its history (check the history of the Library) require constant additions of new books, manuscripts, old prints, maps, atlases, graphics and music scores.

Information about Wrocław University Library collections available to the public in the reading rooms and circulation department, can be found in catalogs: traditional, electronic, digitized and printed.