Free workshops for students

Retail Institute, RI, is the largest research, analysis and innovation center in Poland for the shopping centers and chain industry. They create the NextGenLab Center for Knowledge Transfer and Innovation, where experts are looking for a new perspectives on the retail real estate industry and the challenges it faces.

In autumn this year, the work of the Center will focus on the implementation of the pioneering program Challenger 2.0 (, which is aimed at stimulating creativity, breaking patterns, the ability to see opportunities and possibilities. Students of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology will take part in it, but it is probably also an interesting place for our students to practice.

During the free design thinking workshops, to which students, university graduates, young scientists, NGOs and start-ups are invited, a unique bank of innovations and ideas will be created that will respond to the challenges and difficulties of retail, as well as projects of new services and improvements. Thanks to the support of mentors and experts from the Retail Institute, the best ideas will be implemented in companies participating in the program, and the winning project teams will sign cooperation contracts with the largest shopping centers in Poland.

The organizers are asking for help in promoting the program and disseminating it among students and faculty staff. In attachment is a letter presenting the full spectrum of the project along with the possibility of establishing closer substantive cooperation between the RI and selected faculties, research clubs or university employees.

Contact to the organizers: Aldona Kwiecień, mobile: 604 533 613
Coordinator of the Center for Knowledge Transfer and Innovation