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Rules for the use of the WUL's departments

In connection with the ORDINANCE No. 70/2022 of the Rector of the University of Wrocław from April 1st, 2022 on the principles of operation of the University of Wrocław in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, new rules for using the Wroclaw University Library departments are introduced.

1. General notices

  1. Users are recommended to order library materials remotely.

  2. Users going to the Reading Rooms, Information Center or Free Access areas are required to leave their outerwear and bags/backpacks in the cloakroom or self-service lockers.

  3. All users entering the Library building are recommended to disinfect their hands with disinfectants and use masks covering the nose and mouth.

  4. It is recommended that lifts and toilets are used by only one person at the time.

  5. We recommend users to disinfect their hands frequently. Containers with disinfectant liquid are available in the entire generally available library area intended for the user and in toilets.

2. Rules for the use of the WUL's Local Lending Department and Free Access areas

  1. Books with the status "available" and the shelf location "Biblioteka Uniwersytecka" can be ordered through a user account in the online catalog.

    Note: Books marked with the shelf location "BU-Wolny Dostęp 1" (WUL-Free Access 1), "BU-Wolny Dostęp 2" (WUL-Free Access 2), "BU-Czytelnia Główna" (WUL-Main Reading Room) cannot be ordered via the user's account in the online catalog and must be found personally in the relevant library departments.

  2. Users who go only to the Local Lending Department are not obliged to leave their outerwear and bags/backpacks etc. in self-service lockers or the cloakroom.

  3. Users going to the reading rooms, Informatory or Free Access areas are required to leave their outerwear and bags/backpacks in self-service lockers or the cloakroom.

  4. It is recomended to use protective masks and to disinfect your hands as soon as you enter the building.

3. Rules for the use of the WUL's reading rooms, Informatory and Free Access area

  1. From April 4th 2022 the principle of making appointments to reading rooms or the Informatory is cancelled. It is recommended to accept fewer visitors than the number of seats provided for users, according to the permanent equipment of the department.

  2. It is recommended to disinfect one’s own computer equipment before using it in the Library’s departments at the Information Point (the librarian will provide disposable wipes for performing a safe disinfection of electronic equipment).

  3. In the Library corridors, designated tables and computer terminals are available for users, disinfected after each use.

4. Visits of foreign guests in the WUL

In case of planning visit, a foreign guest is required to contact in advance the relevant department by phone/e-mail in order to confirm the possibility of making this visit. Admitting the visit depends on the current epidemic situation in the place/country from which the guest is planning to come and on the currently applicable legal regulations in this regard. A Library’s employee each time checks the current status of the regulations of the Council of Ministers on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and bans in connection with the epidemic status as well as State Sanitary Inspectorate’s guidelines, before granting permission for a foreign guest to visit, informs him/her about existing guidelines in the WUL’s building and verifies this information just before arrival of the visitor.

It is also reminded that all WUL's users are also bound by the Rules of Collection Circulation in the Wroclaw University Library and other Regulations available on the website of the University Library: