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SUBITO is online service that offers electronic ordering and delivering articles from periodicals, that there are in German and Austrian libraries.

For its users (persons with valid library card) Wroclaw University Library competes paid deliveries of documents in SUBITO service (, working exclusively under Subito Library Service profile.

Please familiarize yourselves with functioning of service. Primal rule of SUBITO service is to deliver ordered materials "in right place in right time".
Because of this, time of realization is no longer than 72 hours (3 days) and cost of delivering of one document in electronic version (article up to 20 pages) is 3 euro and 0,1 euro for every next page. Additionally, user has to pay for bank fee. Unfortunately, for 1 January 2003, SUBITO Central has changed rules of payment from annual to monthly, that directly affected bank fees, that now many times exceed the cost of order.

While ordering documents user are recommended to use bibliographical data taken from Subito service. User is responsible for correctness of bibliographical data that are not from SUBITO Service. After checking bibliographical data in the order - Interlibrary Lending Department forwards order to SUBITO system and notifies user about results of the search.
After positive realization of order, user pays in cash for service. If user arranges all financial issues in a way described in notification the Interlibrary Lending Department makes available materials to the user.

Current price list is available under address of SUBITO system.
ATTENTION! Costs of bank fee will be included by Library to the costs of service.

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I herby announce, that this request is accepted by plenipotentiary of Dean for Financial Affairs/equivalent, and all costs will be fulfilled after invoice is issued by Wroclaw University Library, accordingly to distributor. I understand that prices of SUBITO system can change without prior notice. I agree to include bank fee into invoice. Order will be paid by:
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