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The rules governing the renting of rooms in the buildings of the Wroclaw University Library

  1. Rent price, in each case, is determined individually. The condition for rent rooms in the buildings of the Wroclaw University Library, is to make a fixed payment to the Library's account before organizing the event, taking pictures or making a recording.

  2. Rooms are rented during opening hours of the Library, i.e. from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, for activities, that will not interfere with the functioning of the Library, which is evaluated by the representative of the Library – after a person willing to rent a room presents plan and thematic scope of the event. Renting rooms at other times may be subject to separate arrangements.

  3. The tenant may - after consultation with the manager of administration of the Lessor - arrange interior spaces of the Library, provided the immediate restoration of their previous appearance at the end of the organized event.

  4. The tenant can provide refreshments for their guests, but it should be limited to cold food and drinks, and organized in the place indicated by the Lessor.

  5. The tenant is obligated to remove at its own expense any damages that will arise in the course of preparation for the event, during the event and after its completion.

  6. The tenant is responsible for the preparation of information for their guests. Library displays this information on the front door and inside of the building.

  7. Participants of events can bring in their personal luggage, which, along with outer garment, should be left in the coatroom.

  8. Participants of events can use the toilets indicated by the manager of administration of the Lessor.

  9. The tenant of rooms is obliged to rent and pay for, on the basis of contract of mandate / contract work, security, cleaning and coatroom staff.

  10. The tenant is obliged to inform the participants of the event that the building is non-smoking.