E-sources – General information

The e-sources module contains electronic information resources, including: online periodicals, useful links, databases, e-books and internet resources as well as information tools (such as Mendeley) that facilitate the organization and conduct of scientific researches.

In this module is also presented Electronic Publishing, i.e. E-Publishing of WUL, that was created under the initiative of the Wroclaw University Library.

Most of the licensed databases and online periodicals are accessible in the framework of University of Wroclaw computer network. Some of the databases (mostly on CD-ROMs) are accessible only in the Scientific Information Department. But all of the internet resources, e-books and some electronic periodicals and databases are free to access for everyone from any computer with the internet connection. To make usage of these resources easier, they are sorted in an alphabetical and thematic order.

Online periodicals can be accessed through the publishers’ or distributors’ web pages, that give detailed information about the options available for a user. Alphabetical list of the online journals’ titles contains information about: journal’s title, ISSN number, database where a journal is located and, sometimes, the additional delay period (the newest editions of some journals are available only after certain period of time). For easier usage of this vast collection of e-periodicals, search engine has been installed, that allows searching by words in title or ISSN number.

"Useful links" module contains carefully chosen by librarians of the Wroclaw University Library internet links to many resources that may be useful for students and employees of University of Wrocław. These links has been organized in groups, listed in the menu in the left panel. Links to encyclopedias and dictionaries are listed separately as universal resources.

Links in a "E-sources” module allow users a quick access to the thematically organized internet resources in an abbreviated form (e.g. summary of contents, bibliographical description, abstract) as well as in the form of full text.