Subject portals - Psychology

Institute of Psychology of UoW (Polish version only)
Home page of Institute of Psychology of University of Wrocław that contains information regarding activities of Institute and its structure, studies, library.

Classics in the History of Psychology
Web page contains historically important texts from psychology. Archival website - external links are mostly dead.

Institute of Health Psychology (Polish version only)
Web page consist of information service, news, information regarding conferences, trainings, books, dictionaries and catalog of psychology terms.

Internet Mental Health
Archival website.

Psychology Today - The Personality Analyst
Archival website.

Mind Hacks
Archival website.

B. F. Skinner Foundation

Social Psychology Network

Archival website.

Niebieska Linia (Polish version only)

Psychotekst (Polish version only)

Roczniki Psychologiczne (Polish/English version) (Polish version only)
Archival website.

Resources for Teaching Social Psychology (CROW)

The Homepage of Professor Philip G. Zimbardo
Archival website.
Archival website.

The British Psychological Society

International Positive Psychology Association

Authentic Happiness (Polish version only)

PRAGMA Koło Nauk Psychologicznych (Polish version only)