Subject portals - Law

Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy of UoW
Home page of Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy of University of Wrocław, that contains information regarding authorities, organization structure of whole Faculty, recruitment and studies program as well as current news. (Polish version only)
Rich collection of deeds (Dziennik Ustaw, Monitor Polski, collections of laws), commentaries and advices. Option for buying law literature. (Polish version only)
Law Information Service. Practical answers for questions as well as option for sending question to the lawyer, examples of documents and agreements.

Vast American catalog and search engine for law decrees. Besides this, sources for: business, law for consumers, students and others.

American Law Sources On-line
Selected links to web pages of law sources regarding United States, Canada and Mexico.


Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

Ministry of Justice (Polish version only)

Polish Constitutional Tribunal - Taxes (Polish version only) (Polish version only)