Subject portals - Economy

Polish Economic Institute
Institute is research and development as well as consulting institution, with great experiences in researches of market and its features as well as projections on changing in management of business.

Polish Economic Society
Polish Economic Society is independent, professional and national association of economists, both practical and theoretical. (Polish version only)
Financial portal – it offers stock exchange values, information about credits, founds, investments. Service is easily navigable with interesting graphic layout. Comprehensive and complete information about finances.

The World Bank
Home web page of one of the biggest world's financial institution.

The World Bank - Poland
Sub-page of The World Bank dedicated to Poland.

The International Monetary Fund
IMF is international organization that has 148 member countries. It has been founded to promote international financial cooperation, stabilization of monetary exchange and sorting out economic treaties as well as to support economic growth and increasing of employment.

National Bank of Poland
Home web page of National Bank of Poland contains basic information about activities of NBP, list of central national banks (without collective banks) and branches of foreign banks operating in Poland, law regulations, statistic, publications of NBP (in PDF format).

Economic Journals
Alphabetical list of several hundred economical periodicals available in online mode. Archival website - links are mostly dead.

John Stuart Mill - The Principles of Political Economy

Professor Leszek Balcerowicz - official webpage (Polish version only)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Economics (Polish version only)

ABC Taxes (Polish version only)

European Funds Portal (Polish version only)

Portal Edukacji Ekonomicznej (Polish version only)