Subject portals - Biology

Home page of Biology Department of University of Wrocław (Polish version only)
Links to home pages of Institute of Zoology, Institute of Plants Biology, Natural Museum and Botanical Garden of University of Wrocław. All mentioned above, web page also contains collections of publications of scientific employees.

Eagle Conservation Committee (Polish version only)
Besides of information regarding goals and activities of Committee, web page also provides basic information about eagles in Poland.

Ecology in internet (Polish version only)
Web page dedicated to ecology in wide range. Separated divisions about changes in natural environment and issues related to ecological catastrophes. Archival website.

Ekoinfo (Polish version only)
Information service about environment protection that consists of information regarding ecological education, environment administration and environment protection law regulations. Web page has its own archive with search engine. Archival website.

State of the Environment
Web page dedicated to natural environment in Poland, its condition, protection etc. Links to similar web pages in other countries.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
Web page of The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. It is the biggest institution that carry out tasks of State Ecology Policy. Its goals focusing on donating investments in environmental protection and water management.

The Institute of Environmental Protection (Polish verison only)
Home page of The Institute of Environmental Protection in Warsaw. Information regarding Institute’s activities as well as access to databases.

World Wildlife Fund. Service, inter alia, is dedicated to issues concerning environmental protection in regard of Poland integration with European Union.

Evolutionism (Polish verison only)
Service for popularization issues regarding evolution. Archival website.

Genetics (Polish verison only)
Service for popularization issues regarding genetics. Archival website.

The Tree of Life
Very rich service created by biologists from all over the world. On over 2.600 sub-pages is available information regarding changing of organism on Earth, they history and characteristics. Also are available literature collections and links to web pages dedicated to particular family of organisms. Archival website.

Primate Info Net
Web page providing access to information sources regarding primate mammals (links, information about organizations and researches, data bases etc.).

Earthworks Research Group
Web page provides links to web pages dedicated to terrestrial invertebrates, their taxonomy, ecology and related sciences.

American Ornithological Society
Web page of The Cooper Ornithological Society founded in 1893. It also contains full texts of articles form “The Condor” periodical (archived issues available from 1899 in PDF format).

Searchable Ornithological Research Archive
Internet archive of periodicals: The Auk, Condor, Pacific Coast Avifauna, Studies In Avian Biology, Wilson Bulletin.

Birds of Poland (Polish version only)
Archival website.

Biotechnology (Polish version only)

Science Daily

Polish Society of Microbiologists (Polish version only)

Biologist - Nature Forum (Polish version only)

Virtual Paleontological Museum
Archival website.

Muzeum Ewolucji (Museum of Evolution) (Polish version only)
Archival website.

Museum and Institute of Zoology Polish Academy of Science

Lasy Państwowe (State Forests)

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis

PSJD Polish Scientific Journals Database

Postępy Higieny i Medycyny Doświadczalnej (Advances in Hygiene and Experimental Medicine)

American Museum of Natural History

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Ochrona środowiska (Polish version only)