Subject portals - Astronomy

Astronomical Institute of UoW (Polish version only)

AstroNET (Polish version only)
Very interesting web page maintained by members and sympathizers of Astronomical Society “Almukantarat”, among them amateurs of astronomy as well as professional astronomers.

Web page of National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Astronomy and cosmology (Polish version only)
Web page dedicated to popularization of astronomy knowledge. Archival website.

Polish Astronomical Society
Official web page of Polish Astronomical Society.

Meteorite Information Center (Polish version only)
Oldest Polish web page dedicated to meteorites.

Orion (Polish version only)
Educational service of Polish Astronomical Society consisting of, inter alia, historical highlights, picture of the day, division “ask astronomer". Archival website.

Astronomic dictionary (Polish version only)
Archival website.


Astrocd (Polish version only)

AstroVisioN (Polish version only)
Archival website.

Astronomy : The world's best-selling astronomy magazine

Astronomy Picture of the Day


Archival website.

Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis Information
Web page dedicated to northern lights phenomenon.